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Walker Pink T-strap Leather Shoes, Toddler Shoes, Girl Shoes

$ 21.95

Top quality handmade shoes for girls.  
Those shoes can be used for elegant or casual outfit. Its ergonomic and rubber soles make them perfect for first walkers. Flexible soles but still stable for well supported heel. Breathable material 100% leather make this shoes perfect for be used in winter or summer. 

Color: Pink  
Size : 6, 7, 8, 9
Style: Classic T-Strap
Made in Spain
High Quality Leather
Spanish shoes are well known for using high quality materials and care in the manufacture of a comfortable and well finished shoe. Cotton and Paisley collection offers handcrafted leather shoes including both traditional and modern designs for babies and toddlers. 

size 22 european is 6 american size 6 inches outsole; 
size 23 european is 7 american size 6 1/8 inches outsole; 
size 24 european is 8 american size  6 1/4 inches outsole;

size 25 european is 9 american size 6 1/2 inches outsole