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Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart, creators of the popular website, bring their unique vision of motherhood to the page with 150 gorgeous photographs and intimate interviews with tastemaker moms that follow the path from pregnancy to parenthood with wry wit, charming advice, and a deep understanding of the affectionate relationship between parent and child.

As fans of the fashionable mummy website The Glow, we were more than a little excited to get our hands on a copy of their book. As promised the pages are full of stunning imagery, showcasing motherhood to be blissful, beautiful and of course stylish! A practical parenting manual, full of instructions and case studies this is not. Rather it’s a collection of personal stories, giving us a glimpse into how the women showcased juggle their careers and growing families. Whilst the pictures might be idyllic, mixed amongst the glowing faces are some genuine and useful words of advice.

In addition to the stylists, models and entrepreneurs featured, expect to see plenty of famous faces popping up. Selma Blair, Jemima Kirke, Tracey Anderson and Hilaria Badlwin to name a few. This could make the book somewhat un-relatable for women not in the media industry and brandishing such glam careers. Yet there’s something to learn from each woman’s personal view of motherhood.

This is a coffe table book, which would make a nice gift for any mum or mum-to-be who’s interested in style, decor and beauty. Yes it’s possible you’ll be a little envious of the picture perfect homes and want to re-paint your walls crystal white! But there’s also a clear focus on women celebrating the joys of motherhood whilst not losing their identity in the process.

The carefully chosen words manage to hold their own, giving the book a welcome and thoughtful balance.