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Looking for the perfect Christmas or Hanaukkah present for your little one? From board games to toddler gifts, kid-tested toys and more, here are gift ideas for all the kids on your list.

I love Christmas and everything about it, from the build up to the present buying to the tree decorating to the Christmas. Presents for the family is my favourite thing and seeing the children’s faces light up on Christmas morning knowing Santa has arrived is priceless. However, as the children get older it becomes harder. They no longer content with toys, they want the latest gadget and games.

My son is proficient in their way around an ipad, xbox and loves playing games with their friends. Minecraft, and Fifa being their favourites. The new Fifa 16 game is top on my oldest’s list. According to research from game children everywhere are beginning or have already completed their Christmas list.  Has your child? My 3 kids like to write their list in a letter to send to Santa. . 

For my son


my daughters