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The leaves are dropping in sheets of burnt oranges and muddy browns, a sign that Autumn is here! But with autumn and winter comes short days and long dark nights, so it’s no wonder many of us love to create comforting and cosy homes to immerse ourselves in when we’re stuck indoors. Below are some comforting touches you can easily add to your children’s room – or throughout the home – to create an uplifting and intimate winter space. 

There’s something so snug and inviting about hanging textiles up on your walls – they add texture and give your home an instant autumnal update. You can even have a go at making your own wall hanging,  which you can fully customise from the shape to the colours. However, if you’re stretched for time, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a simple cream or white number. 



In winter we can’t get enough of adding cosy rugs throughout the home. Drape them over chairs and beds or inside teepee tents – they never fail to make a space feel warm and inviting. 

During winter you can never have enough knitted and woven blankets – layer them up and drape them over chairs or hang them on a towel laddeto add a cosy and stylish touch to your home.