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So, it’s back to school. Bye bye sun, sand, sea and sugar. Yes, sugar. With all the treats my kids stuff into their tiny mouths on holiday (anything for a quiet life) – I am DREADING our next trip to the dentist. But wait – I have no need to. Apart from selling my kids, I have found another way to not go wrong after holidays at the dentist. Say hello to your NBF, the FOREO ISSA™ mini toothbrush.

Now apart from its stunning looks, here are a few reasons to get busy…

There is a parental control that enables you to see if your kids are shamming you, or actually brushing their teeth.  And brushing will be altogether a less painful experience – mentally and physically, as its non-abrasive, soft silicone bristles offer a gentler, more comfortable brushing experience with flexibility to get round the whole mouth properly.

It’s ultra hygienic non-porous silicone brush holds up to 10,000 times less bacteria than standard nylon bristled brushes. This fact made me a little bit sick in my mouth about my current toothbrush….



Available in Wild Strawberry, Enchanted Violet, Mango.Suitable for kids aged 3+ with supervision.Are you sold? I am! They got me at “bacteria reduction”. Get hygienically busy!